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5th Grade Events Package:  Special events planned for our graduating fifth grade students throughout their final year at Willard. The 5th Grade events package includes:  

End of Year Promotion Party: Willard will take over Graydon for a fun day of swimming, food, and play!

Memory Book: A special book that highlights the students' time at Willard from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Will include family-provided photos and student content on each individual memory book page. Distributed at the end of the school year.

Slideshow: The 5th grade slide show will feature pictures of all 5th grade students (sent in by each parent) and presented at the 5th grade promotion ceremony in June.

Class T-Shirt: A custom t-shirt designed specifically for Willard’s graduating class. T-shirts will be distributed in time for the 5th Grade Class Trip to Philadelphia in the Spring.

Class Gift to Willard: It is a long time tradition for the outgoing 5th grade class to purchase a gift for Willard in their honor. Package price includes a $25 contribution from each student for this gift.



All 5th Graders are invited to participate in: Baby Board, Kickball Party, Willard Banner, Slideshow Breakfast, and Promotion Reception.

See our Calendar for schedule of event dates.

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