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  At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents. - Jane D. Hull  

HSA Coordinator Positions:

As an HSA coordinator or co-coordinator, you will be responsible for seeing your program/event through from beginning to end. This includes planning the event/program, adhering to your budget/fundraising goal (if applicable), recruit, organize and instruct volunteers as necessary, secure vendors and acquire contracts (if necessary), collect funds and secure payment for expenses, inform the HSA President of the program/event agenda (and any changes on an ongoing basis), attend and oversee your program/event on the scheduled day.

Event/Program Volunteer Positions:

Event/Program volunteers are essential to the implementation of our various programs and events.  They are relied upon to complete duties assigned by the Coordinator to ensure successful completion of the event/program they volunteered for.

Class Parent Positions:

Class parents are a vital link between class teachers and parents of children in the class.  Each year the HSA assigns two parents per class to this duty.  The following are the duties of a class parent: communicate pertinent information to parents of the class, send volunteer/class reminders (for class parties/events, etc.), forward HSA reminders sent from the class parent coordinator, coordinate class party/event volunteers, meet with the teacher on an individual basis and discuss the organization of class events/parties, secure volunteers for parties, special events, and field trips, coordinate and collect monies for Teacher and Teacher’s Aide’s gifts, assist in coordinating grade specific Willard Staff Appreciation Luncheons.

Class Volunteer Items

Class Item Volunteer:

Class volunteers are essential to the implementation of various classroom events.  They are relied upon to bring in items for class events and complete duties assigned by the Class Parents to ensure successful completion of the events they volunteered for.  Please be sure to sign-up to volunteer for Yearbook Photographer, Art Docent, TGIF Lunches, Party and Field Day Items at Back To School Night!

5th Grade Events Volunteer:

5th Grade Event volunteers are essential to the implementation of our special 5th Grade events planned for our outgoing 5th grade students. They are relied upon to complete duties assigned by our 5th Grade Coordinators.  These events make our 5th graders final year at Willard extra special!  

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