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  • All communication to the 5th grade families must be approved by the 5th grade Coordinators prior to sending.

  • A copy of all contracts must be sent/given to the 5th grade Coordinators. 

  • Each committee has been assigned a budget – you must stick to the budget as the money that was collected has been distributed across all the 5th grade event committees.  All money has already been collected.  You do not need to collect any money from parents. 

  • Please use the Willard School tax-exempt form when purchasing items.  

  • Please submit all expenses in a timely manner using the HSA disbursement form.  

  • After completing your job/event, please submit an event write-up with details of the event to help next year’s committees.  Include suggestions for next year if you have any.

  • Please take pictures of your events/activities so that next year’s groups have visual references.

  • Consider developing a 5th grade theme or visual that can be implemented across all events.  

  • Select the buttons below to obtain details for each item noted. 

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