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The Willard HSA depends on parents to volunteer their time, talents, and ideas to help conceptualize and implement the many programs that positively impact our children and community. Volunteering is a wonderful way to connect with other parents and enhance your child’s elementary school experience. Many of the volunteer opportunities below have flexibility, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about these positions.


Adult Socials

These are adult-only events that encourage parent community bonding and serve as an opportunity to raise funds for worthy Willard causes!


These events are planned by the HSA’s fundraising chairs, but volunteers are always needed to assist with light pre-planning and/or to help on the day/night of these events. A coordinator works with the HSA fundraising chairs to help recruit and manage volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 1-2

Art Docent Program (class parents will reach out to you for these opportunities)

Art docent is an HSA-sponsored program offered in partnership with TIC TOC (To Introduce Culture to Our Children). Each month, TIC TOC rotates 40 collections of art and artifacts among 14 area schools.


Three times a year (October, January, March), art docent parent volunteers (two per class) plan a 45-minute visit to their children’s classrooms to discuss an artist and create a small project with the class. You do not need any art experience to be involved in this wonderful program, and our art docent coordinators offer volunteers ideas to help plan their classroom lessons. ** If you sign up to be an art docent volunteer, you will be contacted by a coordinator to schedule a day/time for your classroom visit, in consultation with your child's classroom teacher. **


Art Docent coordinators work with class parents to recruit two art docent volunteers per class for 3 separate sessions in the year. Coordinators plan and share lessons that relate to the circulating art collections, manage the rotating TICTOC art collections at Willard, and attend monthly TICTOC board meetings to share pertinent details at HSA board meetings. 

Coordinators Needed: 1-2


Art Night

Our art teacher and the Willard HSA present an annual student artwork display every spring. Parents have a chance to view their children's artwork on display.

Volunteers help set up the event and display students' artwork throughout the school, and the event coordinator works with the Willard art teacher to set up event logistics and oversee volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 1


Back to School Picnic

The picnic takes place at the beginning of the school year and is a chance for parents and friends to reacquaint themselves, meet classmates old and new, and enjoy time together. Food, music, games, and treats are available, and families are encouraged to bring their blankets and have some fun!


Volunteers are needed for event set-up, breakdown, and concession sales,  and the event coordinators work with the HSA Board to set up event logistics and oversee volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 1-2

Bake Sales

Bake sales typically take place three times per year, immediately following school dismissal. All proceeds are used to enhance the Willard student experience (e.g., to fund school assemblies). Parents supply baked/purchased treats for purchase.

Volunteers are needed provide individually-wrapped, nut-free, baked/purchased treats with a clear list of ingredients. Volunteers are also needed for concession sales at these events. Coordinators work with the HSA to set-up and break-down the bakes sales, sell treats, and manage/recruit volunteers. 

Coordinators Needed: 2


Bingo is a beloved Willard tradition, when families come together 1-2 nights per year to try to win prizes, see their teachers, and have a lot of laughs as they raise money to support the HSA's student-centered mission. 


Volunteers are needed on Bingo nights to assist with event set-up and break down, hand out prizes, and sell concessions. Coordinators works with the HSA to set up event logistics, ask teachers to MC the events, secure donated or bought (with HSA funds) prizes, and manage volunteers. 

Coordinators Needed: 2

Book Fair

The book fair is a multi-day event held twice a year, during which each class has the opportunity to shop during school hours. Parents can also fulfill teacher 'wish lists’ for classroom books. All proceeds are used to support student programming, including author visits to the school. 

Volunteers are needed for event setup/breakdown and to handle book sales at these events. Coordinators will work with our Scholastic representative and the school to secure dates and times for these fairs, handle event setup/breakdown, manage book sales, and coordinate volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 2

Community Service

Willard gives back! Every year, we sponsor various events, such as a Thanksgiving food drive, winter holiday gift drive, and other collections that give back to those in our community who need help. 


Volunteers are needed during these drives to help package up and organize collected items. Coordinators work with the HSA and principal to select organizations to support, communicate with charity representatives, help publicize these efforts, and oversee drop off of donated items.

Coordinators Needed: 2


DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee is a Willard parent volunteer group that enhances the overall education experience by cultivating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive school environment and community. The DEI Committee manages International Day every spring, as well as other initiatives such as art projects, an outdoor book walk, and school assemblies.


To join the DEI Committee, sign up as a volunteer. Committee members help orchestrate and promote DEI initiatives. Coordinators work with the HSA, principal, and teachers/staff throughout the year to: provide website content and news to share with the Willard community; organize and run International Day and other DEI events/initiatives; and manage volunteers/committee members. 

Coordinators Needed: 2

Field Day

Willard holds a field day every spring. This beloved tradition enables students to participate in races and outdoor games with their classmates. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and watch the fun!


Volunteers are needed in two-hour shifts on field day to assist with moving classes through the activity stations. There is some light setup/breakdown of games as well. Coordinators work with the PE teachers to plan event details and manage volunteers; they are also on hand to help on field day.

Coordinators Needed: 2


Fifth Grade Committee 

Please see the fifth grade events page for more info. 


Frosty Fridays

Held after dismissal on several Fridays in the fall and spring, children are able to purchase and enjoy a frosty treat (e.g., ice pop). All proceeds support HSA student programming.


Volunteers help sell and distribute the ice pops after school on designated Fridays. A coordinator works with the HSA fundraising team to purchase (with HSA funds) the frozen treats, setup/breakdown tables, and manage concessions and volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 1


Green Team

Thanks to the Green Team's leadership, Willard was recognized as a Sustainable Jersey School in 2023. The Green Team also won a $2,000 PSEG Sustainable Jersey Grant to work on composting in the 2023-24 school year. In addition to these efforts, the Green Team sponsors various recycling and clothing drives, and partners with local schools and organizations to support various green initiatives. 

Volunteers are periodically needed to help with Green Team events, such as clothing drives. The coordinators work with the principal, HSA, and teachers to apply for grants, design and implement green practices in the Willard community, and coordinate volunteers.

Coordinators Needed: 2

International Day (Sponsored by Willard's DEI Committee)

Working with our DEI Committee, you will help with Willard's International Day in the spring. Participating in International Day is voluntary for students, and doing so provides them with the unique opportunity to research and present on different countries and cultural traditions. Students are encouraged to follow their interests, and if needed, the DEI Committee provides sample ideas and helpful guidance for students. There is an in-school component to International Day, in which all Willard classes visit the fair to learn from the research of fellow students. At night, parents and families are welcome to view students' research, while also enjoying food, fashion, and performances from the countries and cultures on display. 

Volunteers will work with DEI Committee members to plan and execute International Day, including the setup/breakdown of student displays, guiding classes through the fair during the school day, and assisting with all aspects of the evening portion. International Day volunteers may wish to join the DEI Committee (see description above), but being a DEI Committee member is not required to help with International Day.



Twice monthly (on a rotating schedule), you may volunteer to visit your child’s class during their 45-minute library period. Library volunteers help shelve books, check students'  books in and out, and assist with any special project planned for that day. It's a great way to see your child at school and become familiar with their classmates and other parents in the class. 

Reading Enrichment

This program, aimed at fostering a love of books in all students, involves working with library staff on various reading initiatives throughout the school year.


The coordinator engages in various activities, such as: promoting and organizing the Willard Birthday Book program; coordinating a gently used book drive for classroom teachers; and encouraging student participation in the Ridgewood Public Library's Reading Marathon in February. For this event, the coordinator also pick ups/distributes the Ben and Jerry’s free scoop bookmarks to participating students in each classroom.

Coordinators Needed: 1


School Picture Day

Willard's picture day is actually held over two days in the fall, with makeup days, if needed.

Volunteers are needed in shifts on these picture days to collect order forms from students and ensure that each class is photographed in a timely manner. A coordinator works with the HSA, principal, and photography studio to confirm these picture dates and set a scheduled time for each class. The coordinator also assigns volunteers for each day and time period.

Coordinators Needed: 1

Science Fair

Students have the option to participate in our annual science fair, in conjunction with Ridgewood's Super Science Saturday.  The results of each student's research are presented in a school-wide science fair. There is a school-day portion, where all the Willard classes visit the science fair, as well as an event at night that is open to parents/guests. 

The HSA and principal plan this event, no coordinator is needed. But volunteers are needed during the day and at night to assist with light setup/breakdown and to ensure that classes and guests move through the fair efficiently. 

Teacher Appreciation

Willard's teachers and staff are AMAZING, and the HSA wants to make sure their efforts are recognized throughout the year! Willard also celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week every spring.

Coordinators work with office staff and the HSA to express our appreciation in a variety of ways, including teacher/staff giveaways, breakfasts/lunches, and other tokens of appreciation. The coordinators also work with class parents to make Teacher Appreciation Week a success every year. Beyond the two coordinators, no additional volunteers are needed for Teacher Appreciation.

Coordinators Needed: 2

Willard Dads Group

Why should moms have all the fun?! This new group offers Willard fathers the chance to get together throughout the year to socialize and strengthen community ties. The group is open to all who wish to join.


To become a member of the Willard Dads Group, sign up as a volunteer. Two coordinators lead the Willard Dads by facilitating communication among members and planning activities of interest to the group.

Coordinators Needed: 2


The Willard yearbook records the school year's highlights. It contains wonderful photos of our students, teachers, staff, classrooms, clubs, assemblies, events, and programs.  Distributed to each student (paid for via school dues), it is a great memory book that will be cherished for many years to come!


Coordinators work year-round to gather and sort photos that parents email to a centralized yearbook email address. From March-June, they work on the actual production of the book (page layouts, etc.), promote the sale of ads and tributes, work with the HSA on order placement, and help distribute the books on the last day of school.

Coordinators Needed: 2


4th of July Parade

The 4th of July parade (held on that day every year) is a long-standing Ridgewood tradition, and each elementary school creates a float to participate in the parade and compete for prizes.

Volunteers are needed to help decorate the float and walk alongside it during the parade. The coordinator works with the HSA to devise a theme for the Willard float, develop and manage a budget for materials (e.g., truck rental, decorations, etc.), secure all materials for the truck and float, and oversee the volunteers and float production.

Coordinators Needed: 1

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