The Willard HSA depends on parents to volunteer their time, talents, and ideas in helping to conceptualize and implement the many programs that positively impact our children and community. Volunteering is a wonderful way to connect with other parents while working to enhance your child’s Elementary School experience. Many of the volunteer opportunities have flexibility and we are happy to answer any questions you might have!


Adult Socials

These are adult-only events (Ladies Night, Shopping Nights, etc.) that encourage parent community bonding and serve as an opportunity to raise funds for worthy Willard causes! They are planned by the HSA’s Fundraising Chairs but volunteers for assistance on event day/night are always needed and welcome.


Art Docent

Art Docent is an HSA-sponsored program offered by TIC TOC (To Introduce Culture to Our Children). Each month, TicToc rotates forty collections of art and artifacts among 14 area schools. Four times a year, Art Docent parent volunteers plan a 45-minute visit to their child’s classroom to discuss the chosen artist and create a small project with the class. You do not need any art experience to be involved in this wonderful program!

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators recruit class-specific Art Docents, manage the sharing of rotating art collections at Willard amongst the other elementary schools, and maintain and change the Willard TICTOC art collection in the school building.

***Volunteers will be recruited by class parents after the start of the school year. 



Our Art Teacher and the Willard HSA present our annual student artwork display and sale. Parents have a chance to purchase a framed piece of their child’s art. Proceeds go to purchase additional materials for our Willard Art Program.

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinators work with the Willard Art teachers to select the date of the sale, secure location and needs via the Building Use Form, and oversee volunteers for sale set-up, break down, artwork framing, and sales.


Back to School Picnic

The Picnic takes place at the beginning of the school year as a chance for parents and friends to reacquaint themselves, meet classmates old and new, and enjoy time together. The Picnic is planned by the HSA but volunteers are needed for set-up, breakdown, concession sales, and photography. Food trucks, music, and treats will be available and families are encouraged to bring their blankets and have some fun!


Bake Sales

Bake sales take place 2 times per year, immediately following dismissal. Parents supply treats for purchase

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator works with the HSA to coordinate sale dates, fill out School Facilities form to book space and request tables/trash bins, send emails requesting Bake Sale volunteers to provide individually wrapped treats throughout the year, and organize people to assist with sales on the day of the event.


Bingo Night

Bingo Night is a Willard tradition when families come together 1-2 times per year to try to win prizes, see their teachers, and have a lot of laughs

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators book the date and time on the school calendar, reserve the space via the School Facilities form, secure a teacher to MC Bingo, secure donated or bought (with HSA funds) prizes, confirm volunteers to assist with set-up and break down,  hand out prizes and sell concessions. Bingo Night tickets are sold via the Willard Store, and the number of ticket sales sold will determine the number of prizes needed.


Book Fair

The book fair is a multi-day event held twice a year, during which each class has the opportunity to shop during school hours. Parents can also fulfill teacher ‘wish lists’ for classroom books

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators will work with our Scholastic representative and the school to secure dates and times for the fair, secure location and needs via the School Facilities form, receive book delivery,  and coordinate volunteers for Fair set-up, break down, and book sales.


Circus Week (open to 5th Grade parents)

Circus Week is an annual program that kicks off with a school-wide assembly. Over the course of a week, students attend hands-on circus-themed workshops during their regularly scheduled PE time. These workshops introduce students to activities aimed at improving motor skills, coordination, focus, and boosting self-esteem. The fifth graders work to perfect their skills as well as plan, produce and perform in their own circus show. The week culminates with the students performing their routines for each grade during the school day and then again for parents/family members in the evening.

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators will work with Willard Phys Ed teachers to secure the date of Circus Week. Coordinators will oversee parent volunteers for in-class help, circus performance ambassadors, and circus item sales. 


Community Services

Willard Gives Back! Every year we sponsor a Thanksgiving Food Drive, Holiday Gift Collection and other collection drives to give back to those in our community who need help. 

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator will work with the HSA and Principal to select organizations to support, communicate with charity’s representatives to garner current needs,, submit information to the HSA Secretary to include in eNews to garner donations, and oversee drop off of donated items.


DEI Committee: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee is a Willard parent volunteer group that serves to enhance the overall education experience by cultivating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive school environment. Committee Members and Volunteers work with the school's principal, staff, and HSA to promote initiatives that celebrate differences in race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and physical/mental abilities.

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators work with HSA throughout the year: they provide website content to share with the Willard community, they help organize and run an International Fair, they research books and/or assemblies that could be used in conjunction with Willard curriculum. 



The School Directory is an invaluable resource for the entire Willard community, providing contact information for families, students, teachers, and administrators.  

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator updates the content in the mobile directory by importing information from our Skyward system.


Field Day

Taking place in the spring, Field Day is a fun, school-wide event in which students participate in races and outdoor games in multi-age teams. Parents are encouraged to volunteer or just come to watch the fun!

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators work with Phys Ed teachers on event on overall event details, secure volunteers to assist with game set-up and management and coordinate water distribution.


Frosty Fridays

Held after dismissal on several Fridays in the fall and spring, children are able to purchase and enjoy a frosty treat

Coordinators Needed:1

Coordinator works with the HSA Fundraising team and school office to select dates for the sales, purchase the frozen treats to be sold, and secure volunteers to help sell and distribute the ice pops.


Green Ambassadors 

Willard strives to be a green school. 

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator works with Mr. Kearns to communicate and organize several ongoing free recycling initiatives, including the Trex Plastic Bag and TerraCycle programs.


Library Volunteer

Twice monthly (on a rotating schedule), you may volunteer to visit your child’s class during their 45-minute Library period. Library volunteers assist Mrs. Dioro by shelving books, checking student’s  books in and out, and helping with any special project she has planned for that day. It's a great way to see your child at school and become familiar with their classmates and other parents.


Panther Pride Week

Panther Pride week takes place in the Spring. The HSA sponsors special events throughout the week to boost school spirit and to bring the entire Willard community together. Volunteers are needed to assist with activities and to organize and giveaways. 


Reading Enrichment

This program, aimed at fostering a love of books in our students, aids our Library staff to implement various reading initiatives throughout the school year

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator works with the HSA and Mrs. Diorio to promote and organize the WIllard Birthday Book program, help build our teacher’s classroom libraries by coordinating a gently used book drive, and encourage student participation in the Ridgewood Public Library's Reading Marathon. For this event, the Coordinator will communicate sign up information to teachers and pick up/distribute the Ben and Jerry’s free scoop bookmarks to each classroom for participating students.


School Photo Day

Photo Day is held on one day in September with a make-up day a couple of weeks later

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator works with the HSA, Mrs. Hoffman, and Rod Bolton (photographer) to confirm day and rain date and secure volunteers for each day / time period to assist the photographer, keeping kids in line and helping collect paperwork.

School Supply Kits 

​Each spring, families have the opportunity to buy all of the supplies their child will need for their next school year. Orders are placed online and shipped directly to Willard

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinator helps manage sales in the spring, ensure school kit delivery in August, and coordinate volunteers to come to Willard before the start of school to distribute the boxes to each class.


Science Fair

Students have the option to participate in our annual science fair, in conjunction with Ridgewood's Super Science Saturday. Students get to apply their scientific knowledge through independent research. The results of each student's research is presented to other students, teachers and parents in a school-wide science fair where student's efforts are displayed. Families are invited to attend an evening session of the fair.

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators organize Science Fair sign up; promote student participation, procure and distribute t-shirt for participating students, fill out the Facilities Use form to arrange tables and anything else necessary for the Fair, and coordinate volunteers to assist with set-up and break-down.


Service Day

Service Day is an annual initiative for all K-5 students that focuses on giving back to our community. Five charities are selected and each student is asked to bring in a specific charity’s requested items. A school-wide Assembly is held where representatives from each charity talk about their organization

Coordinators Needed: 2  

Prior to Service Day, Coordinators work with the HSA to select the 5 participating organizations along with the items each has requested, work with the school to pick the week of the drive, print lists and staple them to grocery bags for each child of what items they are asked to donate, and distribute bags to the appropriate classrooms. Coordinators will also secure Volunteers to “manage” each charity. Those managers will develop and purchase the necessary supplies for a fun special project the children will make for their charity and oversee item distribution.

On the actual day, Coordinators will fill out the Facilities Use form to secure 5 five rooms throughout the building for item distribution, utilize volunteers for set-up and break-down, confirm and assist the charity representatives for the Assembly, oversee each room’s ‘managers’, and ensure all donated items are picked up by each organization after dismissal.

Teacher Appreciation

Year-long, with Teacher Appreciation Week held in April, this initiative allows the Willard community to together to thank our teachers, administrators, and staff

Coordinators Needed: 1

Coordinators work with the HSA to plan teacher/staff breakfasts and lunches throughout the year, and utilize Class Parents to promote Teacher Appreciation Week, develop and carry out daily appreciation activities (decorations, treats, cards, etc.), and distribute gifts.


Walk to School

Walk to School Month gets our students out, walking and having fun on Mrs. Hoffman’s Walking School Bus!  It is held twice annually, in October and May

Volunteers help hang outdoor banners, assist Mrs. Hoffman as chaperones on routes, and perhaps find someone to wear the Panther costume on the walks!

Willard Wear

Sales of Willard Wear help fund assemblies, programs, and HSA initiatives. Volunteers are responsible for assisting with in-person sales and delivering online orders of School Spirit clothing and items throughout the year.



The Willard yearbook records the school year's highlights. It contains wonderful photos of our students, teachers, staff, classrooms, clubs, assemblies, events and programs.  Distributed to each student (paid for via School Dues), it is a great memory book which will be cherished for many years to come!

Coordinators Needed: 2

Coordinators work year-round to gather photos of the various assemblies, events, and programs that take place in and out of school. From March-June you will work on the actual production of the book-- overall design, layout of pages, promote sale of ads and boosters, work with the HSA on order placement, and distribute the books on the last day of school.

***Volunteers will be recruited by class parents after the start of the school year. 


4th of July Parade

The 4th of July Celebration is a long-standing Ridgewood tradition and each school creates a float to participate in the Parade

Coordinators Needed: 2 

Coordinators work with the HSA to devise a theme for the Willard float, develop and manage a budget for materials, (truck rental, supplies, t-shirts, etc.), work with volunteers to oversee float production, and transport float in Ridgewood 4th of July Parade.