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Art Docent is an HSA-sponsored program offered by TicToc (To Introduce Culture To Our Children). Throughout the school year, TicToc rotates forty collections of art and artifacts among 17 area schools. Art Docent parent volunteers go into the classrooms to discuss the art and create a project with students. 

Art Appreciation

As a Willard art docent, you will have the unique opportunity to inspire an appreciation for art in your child's classroom. Drawing from the traveling exhibits from TicToc, you can share pivotal pieces as a means to open discussion and engage in activities that help students grow in their understanding of an artist, time period, or artistic technique.


Not so artsy?

Don't worry! We have compiled suggested activities and discussions to help, and the Art Docent program coordinators are always available to discuss a potential classroom visit with you. We promise you'll love it, and your child will love having you in class for what will be a special day together!


Willard Art Rotation Schedule

Click the Willard rotation schedule button above. This list shows which of the 32 collections of paintings and artifacts are displayed at Willard at any given time. Please do not schedule a classroom session with one of the pieces in the school on the day before or after they are rotating, as we need time to pack and unpack them.

Art Docent Collections

Click the TicToc paintings and artifacts collection buttons above. Learn more about each piece and all of the collections in the Art Docent program.


TicToc also offers several local art events in Ridgewood each year.  Click the TicToc button above and get more information about Tic Toc and Tic Toc Theatre.

Please click on the buttons below to download sample projects and presentations. 


Please contact with any questions, or go to for more information.

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