The Willard Home and School Association (HSA) is dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of our students, parents and educators. We do this by providing resources and encouraging communication and involvement in the school and community.  Our goal is to establish a close relationship between home and school by advancing the opportunity for all parents to become involved in our school. We raise funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences, support school and family social interaction, and provide a forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.  We strive to enhance the learning environment for all our Willard students.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is managed by Willard Elementary School parents.  It is governed by a 10-person Executive Board. In addition, to a 30-person Board of Trustees which is made up of the Executive Board, 10 members from the Willard teachers/staff, and 10 members from the Willard community at large.   

The goal of our organization is to bring a diverse offering of presentations, assemblies and workshops to enrich the Willard student's academic curriculum.  We raise funds to finance in-house events that support and enhance each grade's curriculum.

We also  provide each Grade with a grant that they use to purchase software, applications or something that will support the education of students in-class.

Finally, “wish list” items supporting technology, building/property enhancements and in-class needs are also provided.  

Through our Willard Cares, Age Friendly Ridgewood and Social Services Programs we give back to our local communities and other non-profit organizations.  Through this aspect of our work we give our students "hands-on" experience in giving back!

What We Do:

Enrich Our Students
Through providing assemblies that focus on anti-bullying, kindness, diversity, nature, science and various other important topics.  In addition to Science Fair and Book Fair!

Strengthen our Willard Community
Through various events such as Movie Night, Bingo Night and Socials. We sponsor fun and educational family events to strengthen the bond between our school, our families and our community.

Give Back!
By helping Willard families in need, 65+ Willard Neighbors and donating to other organizations in need.  Through Willard Cares, Age-Friendly Willard, Service Day and our Social Services programs.

Willard Elementary School Whistle Blower Policy:

Members of the Willard community are encouraged to discuss concerns with the Board representative and/or the oversight committee regarding any accounting or management type issues that are questionable to the member. Please reference the Current HSA Board Listing for a list of current HSA Board representatives.