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The Willard Home and School Association (HSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the lives of our students, parents, and educators. We provide resources and encourage communication and involvement in our school and community at large.  Our goal is to establish a close relationship between home and school by offering opportunities for all parents to be involved in their children’s elementary experience.


The HSA is also focused on enriching the learning environment of all Willard students. We source and fund a diverse offering of presentations, assemblies, and workshops to enrich the already outstanding academic curriculum. Through selective fundraising, we are able to provide supplemental educational materials and experiences, support school and family social interaction, and provide a forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.  


The Willard HSA’s overarching goals are to:


Enrich Our Students

We plan and fund assemblies that focus on anti-bullying, kindness, diversity, nature, science, and various other important topics linked to grade-level curriculum. We oversee the science fair, international day, book fairs, author visits, the One School One Book initiative, and other programs that enhance the student experience at Willard. The HSA also funds the various software and educational applications used both in-school and at home.

Recognize our Teachers

We organize creative and thoughtful ways of saying thank you to teachers, such as  breakfasts, lunches, monthly raffles, and fun surprises throughout the year. We also help fulfill teacher “wish-list” items, including technology, books, and other specific in-class needs.

Strengthen our Willard Community

We sponsor fun and educational family events to strengthen the bond between our school, our families, and our community, such as BINGO nights, adult socials, family picnics, and much more!

Give Back

Through our Willard Cares initiative, we are able to assist Willard families who might need temporary financial help. Through a variety of partnerships and events, we also attempt to impress upon students the importance of giving back to our community.

Willard Elementary School Whistle Blower Policy:

Members of the Willard community are encouraged to discuss concerns with the Board representative and/or the oversight committee regarding any accounting or management type issues that are questionable to the member. Please reference the Current HSA Board Listing for a list of current HSA Board representatives.

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