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President - 1 year commitment


  • Manage all aspects of the Willard Home and School Association (HSA), including event and program development, planning and implementation, fundraising, budgeting and volunteer management.

Vice President - 2 year commitment

(2nd year is Presidency)

  • Place class parents (over the summer)

  • Place program/event coordinators (over the summer)

  • Organize HSA Willard Staff Appreciation Lunches

  • Run class parent and coordinator orientations

  • Communicate with class parents and coordinators throughout the school year

  • Assist with the HSA website

Secretary - 1 year commitment

  • Record and distribute minutes from the monthly HSA meetings

  • Work closely with the President and Vice President to prepare the weekly eNews, Sunday Blast, WPN HSA News

  • Compile and electronically submit eNews to the office each week for distribution

Development Assistant Chair - 2 year commitment

(2nd year is Development Chair)

  • Work closely with Development Chair beginning in spring of new school year to plan and oversee all HSA Enrichment programs (school-wide and grade specific), and assist with grants

Fundraising Assistant Chair - 2 year commitment

(2nd year is Fundraising Chair)

  • Work closely with Fundraising Chair beginning in summer of new school year to plan and oversee all fundraisers (e.g., Adult social, Ladies Night, SkyZone, Yankee and Met day, etc.)

Treasurer Assistant Chair - 2 year commitment

(2nd year is Treasurer)

  • Work closely with Treasurer beginning in summer of new school year to perform general accounting and make bank deposits for all HSA events and programs.  Monitor purchasing for selected events. Accounting background is helpful.

Members for Willard Board of Trustees -

1 year commitment


  • The Board of Trustees is comprised of 30 people: ten chosen from the school community at large, ten Executive Committee members and ten Willard staff members. To select the ten members from the community, respondents will be placed in a lottery. Ten names will be chosen for positions and three will be selected as alternates.

  • The Board of Trustees authorizes Operational Authority to the Executive Board of Officers and in doing so, permits the Executive Officers authorization to address and execute day-to-day decisions, authorization to perform fiduciary duties relating to such activities as purchases for fundraising resale, taxes, organizational fees and the cost of assemblies.  The BOT is required to approve any all expenditures greater than $1,000. The required time will be minimal, as all voting will be executed electronically via email.  A summary of the matter that is being voted upon will be provided by the Secretary and/or President.  

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